Our Town Auditions

We invite you to audition for the next Broken Leg Theater production of Our Town.

Thorton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize winning classic tells the story of a small town, Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire, in order to tell us the story of every town, the whole world over. Narrated by the “Stage Manager,” we follow the Gibbs and Webb families through twelve years of life changes – from the mundane “Daily Life,” to the romantic “Love and Marriage,” to the devastating “Death and Eternity,” Wilder delivers universal truths about what it means to be human. With humor, wit, and exceptionally powerful storytelling, Our Town is a beautiful and deeply moving classic that resonates just as much with contemporary audiences as when it first debuted in 1938.

BLT Director Meghan Grilliot and Assistant Director Megan Livingston will holding auditions on the following dates:

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20 and THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22 from 6:30 – 8:30pm at Thomas Dale West Campus (3900 W. Hundred Rd., Chester, VA)

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24 from 10am – 12pm at Friendship Baptist Church (5200 Newbys Bridge Rd., North Chesterfield, VA).

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24 – Callbacks, if necessary, from 1 – 3pm,  at Friendship Baptist Church.

Please note you do not need to attend all three auditions, simply chose the day and time that is best for you and arrive early to fill out the audition form.  Everyone will be asked to read aloud from the script.

Those interested in being a part of the ensemble/choir should also come prepared to sing the first verse of “Amazing Grace” or a similar church hymn (all singing will be informal /a cappella).

*We are also seeking a piano player. Does not have to be a speaking part. Musician should be able to play standard church hymns.

Performance Dates will be April 27 – April 29, 2018 at Thomas Dale West Campus.

No actors paid

Character Descriptions Include:


STAGE MANAGER (Male or Female, 30’s – 70’s): A narrator, commentator, and guide through Grover’s Corners. He / She joins in the action of the play periodically. This character needs to be charismatic and captivating. Needs strong memorization skills.

EMILY WEBB (Female, 16 – mid 20’s): We follow her from a precocious young girl through her wedding to George Gibbs and her early death.

GEORGE GIBBS (Male, 16 – mid 20’s): The boy next door, a kind but frivolous teenager who matures over time and becomes a good husband, father, and farmer.

FRANK GIBBS (Male, 30’s – 50’s): George’s father, the town doctor.

JULIA HERSEY GIBBS (Female, 30’s – 50’s): George’s mother. Has big dreams of travel but never makes it out of Grover’s Corners.

CHARLES WEBB (Male, 30’s – 50’s): Emily’s father, editor of the town newspaper. Kind hearted. Looked up to.

MYRTLE WEBB (Female, 30’s – 50’s): Emily’s mother. Serious, crisp.

JOE and SI CROWELL (Male or Female, 10 – 14): Local paperboys.

SIMON STIMSON (Male or Female, 30’s – 50’s): The choir director and church organist. We never learn of the root cause of his alcoholism and later suicide. ABILITY TO PLAY PIANO is HIGHLY DESIRABLE but not necessary.

HOWIE NEWSOME (Male or Female, 20’s – 40’s): The milkman.

REBECCA GIBBS (Female, 10-14): George’s younger sister.

WALLY WEBB (Male, 10-14): Emily’s younger brother.

PROFESSOR WILLARD (Male or Female, 40’s – 70’s): A rather long-winded lecturer.

MRS. SOAMES (Female, 20’s-50’s): A gossipy townswoman and member of the choir.

CONSTABLE WARREN (Male or Female, 20’s – 60’s): The policeman.

JOE STODDARD (Male or Female, 20’s – 60’s): The undertaker.

SAM CRAIG (Male or Female, 20’s – 30’s): A nephew of Mrs. Gibbs who left town to seek his fortune. He comes back for Emily’s funeral.

ENSEMBLE (Males and Females, 12 and up): townspeople and church choir (some have speaking parts, some do not, but all have a lot of stage time).